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“Individual conditions need individual solutions”

Every company has its own special wishes and needs of printers and mobile data acquisitions. As a manufacturer-independent specialist, we are used to fulfill all the wishes and needs of our customers from industry and trade, logistics, manufacturing and healthcare.

Our core competencies at your disposal, which belong to every other customer. PFB confirmations, which are also based on innovative conditions such as printing & labeling, barcodes, voice functions, RFID, image recognition, chip cards and biometrics. Through the administration in research and development, PFB can anticipate upcoming industry trends, technological developments and integration options and can therefore begin. We support you in making better decisions, optimizing your processes and automating workflows.

If you are interested in implementing a solution for Auto-ID in your company, please contact us. A PFB solution expert on site will answer your inquiry and advise you on the best options according to your company’s needs.

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