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Increase the shopping experience of your customers, the productivity of your employees and the efficiency of your supply chain. Use PFB´s retail printing solutions to manage goods more efficiently, shelf edge labeling and dynamic pricing as well as back office and supply chain activities.

Optimize transparency and material tracking in your operations with barcode and RFID smart label solutions. Seamless data collection and provision of information helps you avoid mistakes, reduce waste, keep costs under control, and increase customer satisfaction.

Higher productivity, profitability and operational efficiency in freight and forwarding operations. Reliable printing solutions from PFB ensure timely and correct freight management processes. Improve efficiency with automated shipment tracking.

Medical staff needs up-to-date patient data with which decisions are made – at the bedside, in the OR or in the treatment room. PFB’s healthcare solutions enable you to work with real-time patient data to protect patient safety.

PFB, a leader in bar code, labeling and RFID solutions, offers a wide range of bar code printers that meet the stringent automotive industry requirements.