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We offer high-performance POS-printers for almost every application. The result is a high quality and flexibility that meets the requirements of the consumer to the best cost-performance ratio available. At PFB you find durable and energy-saving POS solutions for low costs from small receipts printers and ticket printers, to complex POS systems.

PFB dot matrix printers for POS applications featuring durable, heavy and medium duty printers for continuous data processing and high speed back office tasks.

Thermal Printer

At PFB you get POS printer for a wide variety of applications. The broad range of printers guarantees that for every POS application a suitable printer can be insert.

Inkjet Printer

Compact POS inkjet printers by PFB provide a quick, smooth POS flow in retail and banks. Enhance the customer service and the efficiency of your company for example with high-quality, bichrome receipts or documents with barcodes.

Mobile Printer

Enhance the productivity and accuracy of your employees with wireless mobile printers for on-site and on-demand needs. Mobile printer by PFB can improve the efficiency at the Point of Sale.