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PSI Laser GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of continuous laser printers worldwide. Continuous laser and high end matrix printers by PSI have successfully established themselves on the market since 1992, after PSI Printer Systems international had taken over the printer business of Philips Kommunikations Industrie AG by management-buyout. In order to meet the specific demands of the respective target markets more efficiently, the laser printer business was outsourced and taken over by the newly founded PSI Laser GmbH in 2003 while PSI Printer Systems international GmbH has been concentrating on the matrix printer business.

Innovative product solutions make PSI Laser a trend-setter of the industry. With a print-throughput of 24 up to 63 pages per minute (ppm) and relatively low costs of ownership, the products close the gap between line printers and centralized high speed continuous printers. In the segment of continuous laser printers up to 50 ppm PSI Laser is market leader with market shares of about 60%.

Special features, like e.g. straight-through paper paths, multiple paper feeders, integrated cutter and the ability to process paper widths up to 18 inches (2 x A4/PP 4060) qualify PSI laser printers for most different applications and branches. Those are for example banking, logistics, industry or print shops and mail order companies.