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Higher productivity, rentability and efficiency in freight and forwarding companies.
Reliable printing solutions by PFB guarantee correct processes in freight management. Enhance the efficiency through automatic processes at the consignment tracking by using high-quality, durable barcode and RFID backtracking labeling that are created by PFB printer. PFB provides ultra-modern printing solutions for the transport industry, from cost-efficient and compact desktop printers to durable, for high print volume designed printers for the
freight labeling. With the use of modern Auto ID PFB optimize every transport and logistics phase in your company.

Our wide scanner portfolio provides you the right barcode reader for your application and environment. You can rely on the experts at PFB to help you choose the best barcode laser scanner or imager technology for your business needs. We deliver tailored solutions for an efficient fleet, planning and shipping management. With PFB technologies you achieve continuous transparency at the transportation of goods as well as a precise inventory tracking and management.